Products and Services

PASCO provides pipe cleaning tools, multi sensor (3D lasers, sonars, specialty HD cameras, gas monitors) inspection platforms for sewers

Above And Below Inspection System - ABIS
Above and Below Inspection System - ABIS™

A new Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) capable of providing 360-degree inspection.

PICA Seesnake Pipe Inspection Tool
PICA - SeeSnake Pipe Inspection Tool

The SeeSnake represents the state-of-the-art in Remote Field Technology (RFT) inspection of metallic pipes.

Schroder -

The Singa Series Robotic crawlers are idea equipment for in-pipeline CCTV monitoring.

SL-RAT Sewer line rapid assessment tool
SL-RAT Sewer line rapid assessment tool

A highly portable onsite assessment tool for quickly detecting blockage conditions in gravity-fed sewers.

Schroder – P-EYE P50

P-EYE P50 is ideal for inspecting tight and difficult to access environment such as small diameter pipes, tunnels, chimneys, drains and behind walls.

Schroder – ELOOK R
Schroder – ELOOK r

The V1 and E36B inspection camera are designed for fast and convenient inspection of sewer manhole, pipes, industrial tank and vessels.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies - VeriCure
Pipeline Renewal Technologies - VeriCure

VeriCure takes readings every inch and averages them into 18” measurement zones.

Duebre Blue100
Duebre – Blue100

Blue100™ is equipped with the best ceramic inserts available and with computer optimized flow dynamics at work.