Schroder - P-EYE P50

Singa Series Robotic Crawlers are suitable for pipes ranging from 150mm to 2000mm

Schroder - P-EYE P50

P-EYE P50 is ideal for inspecting tight and difficult to access environment such as small diameter pipes, tunnels, chimneys, drains and behind walls. Designed to be flexible, the P-EYE P50 can bend around tight corners to capture high resolution video footages and images.

SINGA Pipe Robot Crawler




Camera Size 50mm
Resolution 480 TVL
Pan & Tilt Pan 360° Tilt 180°
Min Focal Length 10mm
Min. Illuminance 0.01lx
LED Luminance 150 Im
Environment IP67
Display & Control Screen Resolution 720 x 576
Brightness 500 lux
Video Output AVI/MPEG4 | Resolution 720 x 576
Photo Output JPG
Memory Card 8Gb
Battery DC 12.6V | 13000mAh | 6-8 hours
Cable Length 30m