Duebre – Blue100

Gone are the days when you need multiple nozzles for different pipe cleaning operations. With the Blue100 and its expansion units, you will only require 1 nozzle to fulfil all your operation needs. It is not just a nozzle. It is a Pipe-Cleaning-Tool

SeeSnake Pipe Inspection Tool SeeSnake Pipe Inspection Tool

The highest possible efficiency

Equipped with the best ceramic inserts available and with computer optimized flow dynamics at work, the Blue100™ not only cleans thoroughly it has extreme pulling power. No need to run at super high pressures, 60 to 1 00 bar (900 to 1 500 psi) is enough for a fast and thorough cleaning. Running on lower pressures reduces the load on pump and engine and in turn reduces fuel cost and saves resources.

Adjustable water pressure

Change your thrust plate in seconds and run at the maximum available pressure, or whatever pressure you select. You will like the simplicity of changing endplates, so go ahead and get one for your larger or smaller pumper truck and use your Blue100™ with whatever equipment you have. Universal without a compromise

The advantages of rotating and nonrotating nozzles are harmoniously united. This makes it possible to perform a variety of tasks, without any compromise, with a single nozzle. An ever increasing number of expansions units are available to solve almost any special requirement cheap and cost effective.

Adjustable Head Rotation

Clean with the optimal rotating speed on small or big pipes. The Blue100™ has a frictionless, electromagnetic speed control, which is adjust to the desired rotating speed. This mechanism will control the head rotation speed for the life of the nozzle, it is designed in a way that the brake strength does not weaken and wear is not possible.

Any Water, no maintenance

Equipped with the best ceramic nozzle tips in the business, the Blue100™ can handle even polluted (dirty) or recycled water. The orifices will keep their diameter for several years. The Blue100™ requires zero maintenance, nor any internal component, not ever.