Who We Are

Enhancing the underground infrastructure industry through technology

Pipeline Assessment & Services Company, PASCO is a specialist company representing several proven technologies for large and critical sewer inspection and maintenance as well as supporting municipal sewer rehabilitation programs.

PASCO provides pipe cleaning tools, multi sensor (3D lasers, sonars, specialty HD cameras, gas monitors) inspection platforms for sewers up to and beyond 6m in diameter, pipe penetrating radar, sewer blockage finder and CIPP curing monitoring systems.

PASCO is based in Singapore and services both local and regional sewer inspection and rehabilitation needs.

For more information write in to info@pasco-sg.com or call +65-9018-0945


  •  Proven technology that is applicable to your company, saving costs and increasing efficiency.
  •  Complete service from training to assisting in site work


DTSS Singapore - Collaborating with PUB to set up a technology that can inspect the deep tunnel inside Singapore with a depth of at least 30m and a length of 5km.