What We do

Pipeline Assessment & Services Company, PASCO is a specialist company representing several proven technologies for large and critical sewer inspection and maintenance as well as supporting municipal sewer rehabilitation programs

Sewer & Drainage System

Providing long-term sewer and drain cleaning services to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the Public Utilities Board (PUB) as well as private cleaning services to industries since 1988.

Cleaning, De-silting & Maintenance

Combination Sewer Flushing/Jetting and Vacuum Tankers, High Capacity Flushing/Jetting tanker and Vacuum Tankers, Various Pumps and supporting accessories.

Utility Inspection & Condition Assessment

Multiple CCTV inspection vehicles with a range of German made inspection cameras capable of providing sewer and pipeline inspection and condition assessment.

Deep Tunnel Sewer Scheme (DTSS)

The only DTSS multi-sensory inspection platform using 3D imaging laser and sonars, strobe cameras and HD CCTV cameras and gas sensors for tunnel sewer condition assessment.